Here I am sharing my photos and videos. You can follow my travelling and activities, get usefull information for yourself, enjoy fun pictures and even take a look at my private life side, of course relish my erotic&nude content :)

Magic of gray colours

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My special post 2019

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This post is special because only here I will add unique, rare and very private photos...

Merry Christmas ‘2019!

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Sending Christmas greetings to you from Spain!

London ‘2009

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I visited London a few times at last and want to come back for more. Photos I am sharing with you they are from 2009 but even today they are relevant and I am sure you will enjoy seeing them.

Gibraltar rock, monkeys and caves – new video!

In this video we will walk all the way up to the Gibraltar rock, visit St. Michael's cave and see a lot of monkeys.

Your Red Jasmin =)

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I was visiting Malta in november and I saved quite a few cool photos to share with you guys.

Svartisen ‘2012

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This is one episode (destination point) from my round trip in Norway, it was august 2012.

Lyon city – France

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This is my first visit in France and it happened to be visiting Lyon city...

Very beautiful side of The GREAT WALL of China (Mutianyu section) – new video

This side of the Wall is amazingly beautiful. If it happens for you to come around it then definitely visit the Mutianyu section but make sure to come here early in the morning. This will help you to enjoy The Great Wall even more!

Malta seaside – Saint Julian’s

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My first stop on Malta is seaside town - Saint Julian's. Area is known for its beaches, restaurants, promenades, night clubs, shopping centers, cinemas and it is just beautiful!


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