Here I am sharing my photos and videos. You can follow my travelling and activities, get usefull information for yourself, enjoy fun pictures and even take a look at my private life side, of course relish my erotic&nude content :)

Stalkers on cams!

Today I want to talk about stalkers. This is a pretty creepy topic but very important too!

Christmas shoot – Uncensored (part 2)

18 photos for Erotomanics & Old Fellows
Christmass is not over yet!

Wintery sea side walk – new video!

That’s how 21st December looks in Spain!

10 reasons NOT to be a camgirl! – New video

Again information this is from my personal experience and also I have seen people having these struggles.

TOP 5 tips becoming a Cam Model

Here it 5 tips about how to start cam modeling!

LiveJasmin fuk up!

I want to apologize and explain to all my members why I disappeared from LiveJasmin without any warnings. Thing is that I could not talk about this situation until today because I would be punished because of it.

Being too nice is never going to make you a happy…

Being too nice is never going to make you a happy or a good person for somebody else. Simply because […]

Today I wanted to make a post about my fears!

Opened post for everybody!
I noticed that many people these days have fears from...

My Top 5 favourite movies which I find really instructional

Opened post
My favourite movies are: Babylon 5, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, Westworld, IP Man and Dracula. And that's why...

I Love what I do!

Opened post
Many people keep asking me that question “What would you love to do in your life?...


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