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I’m going to be brutal! So! Let’s talk about idiots once again!

Ventspils 2011

A little bit about this town: Ventspils is a Latvian port city on the Baltic Sea. City is bisected by the Venta River which is the 3rd longest river in Latvia. The old town is centered on Town Hall Square and Market Square. Old town has cobblestone streets and 17th-century storehouses.

Ventspils port

The port of Ventspils is an Ice-free, deep-water sea port located in Ventspils on Latvia's Baltic coast. Its total area is 2451.39 hectares. It is one of the Baltic Sea's busiest ports.

Ventspils gardens

Reņķa dārzs, Jurmalas, parks, Jaunpilsētas garden. All of these gardens you will see in my gallery but there are way more gardens in the city!

Reņķa dārzs vas my favourite one though because it got all funny, very big sculptures in it - huge shoe, huge hat, hugekeys and more, you can climb all over them.

The Cows of Ventspils

Ventspils in Latvia has hosted the international CowParade twice, once in 2002 and then again in 2012. The event is considered one of the world’s largest public art events and features dozens of cow sculptures.

Now ventspils have dozens of cows statues of all different sizes - from very big to small size. Again I took quite a few photos with these cows. Most fav ones to tourists are Šea Cow”and “Travel Cow” but they are the biggest ones too.

Ventspils Beach

It is beautiful but very often very windy and wavy there. It is not the calm part of the sea, especially if we compare it to the Gulf of Riga.

I managed to take some photos on the beach and you can see how my hair is not staying still, strong wind all the time. Views still beautiful and it is enjoyable to walk along the Ventspils beach.

These are just a few things which I experienced. Ventspils got so much more. It has Livonian Order castle, Ventspils museum, Adventure park, water park (this one I visited too), ski hill, theater “Jūras Vārti”, local outdoor market and more.

Ventspils city is worth visiting. It is very calm, not many people and it is very spacious. Perfect place to have a relaxing vacation for body and soul.

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