Moraira beach 2022
Turkey, Antalya

Fogueres 2022

I’m glad that I made it to this event. It was truly long day for me yesterday too. All photos and videos you see, are made also yesterday!

First I went to the city center in the morning to see the figures and what’s happening around.

Then in the evening I had a walk through all the main places. And this time I checked figures at the night time which again was really amazing.

Streets at the evening was way way more crowded then in the morning or day time. People was sitting at the street bars which were also stuffed! It’s cool to see, really large scale event.

Explosions was happening already for 2 weeks here and that’s totally legal. Tonight it was most crazy with explosions lol, basically everywhere and super noisy, sometimes made me deaf. You can tell that many tourists here don’t appreciate that part at all lol.

Figures burning was something else. Explosions became more frequent and It wasn’t really possible to get close to see the figures, so many people but at least I managed to record the atmosphere of the event which was still cool. And after found main figures burn down on the Internet quick too!

So yeah.. if you want to see fugues burning while standing in front line then make sure to show up at last 40 min before this happens!
Demand was huge! But then again do you want to get wet, have a risk to be burned or smelling all the smoke at the front line? If yes then welcome to the front line!

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