Steampunk Photoshoot 2020 Colored
My first nude photoshoot
Steampunk Photoshoot 2020 Colored
My first nude photoshoot

Barcelona ‘2015

Visiting Barcelona in September 2015 it was still hot! Also this trip was one of my best memories because I was invited for a wedding, a wedding event I will share another time and I am sure you will also love to check it out.

Barcelona '2015

Whenever I am in Barcelona I take a City Bus Tour! IT is the best way to get around Barcelona city because it is huge and the Tour Bus brings you everywhere. You will not miss main spots with this comfortable transport.

Few of my most favorite places In Barcelona:

1. The Plaza de toros de las Arenas

Now it is Arenas Shopping Center in Barcelona. The structure was first used as a bullfighting arena but was reconstructed and designed into a commercial centre in March 2011. Now this building is a shopping, sports and music centre with a great, beautiful 360 rooftop view of Barcelona. This is definitely one of the main stops in Barcelona!

2. Magic fountain of Montjuic

This is another must see spot and highly recommended! This magical fountain is not only big but it is also located at a crazy beautiful spot. In the evening usually around 19:00 it starts dancing to music while making a beautiful light show!

The magic fountain of Montjuïc's first performance was on May 19, 1929.

3. Montjuic National Palace

Huge, impressive building and very beautiful! Btw Magic fountain of Montjuic you will find exactly here.

It was built during the years 1926 and 1929. Since 1934 the National Palace has housed the MNAC, the Catalonia National Art Museum, which has one of the most important collections of Romanesque art in the world.

You can also go inside of this beautiful Palace and apparently it is free but I never been inside so that information you better check for yourself. It is amazing enough to appreciate it from outside. Territory is huge so you might need 1 full day for this event.

4. Maremagnum Barcelona

Maremàgnum is a shopping mall. It is located right in the middle of the old port -Port Vell in Catalan. Around it there are beautiful views where you can sit and relax. Shopping mall have more than 80 working stores.

Also this is the only shopping mall in all Barcelona that has permission to stay open 365 days a year.

5. The Barcelona Olympic Park

This is a pretty cool place to get around, very big, very unusual with a huge white tower in the middle. This white tower is a symbol for new Barcelona.

The most important is the Olympic stadium and it was ready in 1929 but finally was used only in 1992. Stadium itself can accommodate 65 000 people.

Also the Olympic Park features structures such as the Palau Sant Jordi and the sleek Telecommunications Tower, that redefined the Barcelona skyline.

6. Montjuic Castle, Montjuic hill

IT was very new for me to see. I didn't even know back then that Spain got somethin cool as such castles.

Montjuic is a prominent hill overlooking the Barcelona harbour. For ages, it played a strategic part in the defense of the city and it’s one of the city’s natural elevations. Nowadays, tourists are obsessed with the area and now I know why.

This former fortress offers breathtaking views of the Barcelona harbour and city, really impressive!
From top of this castle you can see all Barcelona 360º. Very comfortable atmosphere,rest rooms, snack bar if needed.

Best way to get here is by cable car!

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